UK RCA Singles


On these pages (click the links above) you will find the UK & Irish RCA singles.

There are many pressings of most of these singles, this was because most of these records were kept on catalogue from the time they were released until the ‘Lifetimes’ re-releases in 1983. A lot of the songs, or the version of the songs were only available on these singles for many years, so they stayed constant sellers.

In November 1973 RCA announced they had sold 1,024,068 David Bowie singles in the UK alone, great figures in less than two years.

I am going to re-vamp a lot of the UK pages, generally showing label variations only but including the B sides and listing the known matrix/suffix for each label design as I think some of the late 70’s pages look a bit messy. I don’t know when I’ll get round to doing them all as I want to get more countries up first.

I show some Test Pressings on a few of these records, there are test pressings of most UK RCA records, the majority came with the standard RCA Test Pressing label;

David Bowie and Mick Ronson in a photo said to be taken the day David signed for RCA in New York on 13th September 1971

UK Discography

As I show on these pages there are Promo records of all RCA releases up to and including Alabama Song, after this (with the exception of Peace on Earth) standard issue records were sent out in RCA promo sleeves like this;