Cat People (Putting Out Fire)


UK Picture Sleeve

UK Picture Sleeve (Back)

UK PS Issue


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This version of Cat People is a different version to the B side of the ‘Let’s Dance’ single

↑ Cat People was re-pressed on this 2009 single (Click to see)

UK PS Issue

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← This is the first edition (see Stamped Promo Copy below)

This is the info sheet for Cat People that came with some Pre-release copies.


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UK Issue

← This is a very strange version as the A & B sides are flipped (even the matrix numbers are crossed out and changed) These didn’t come in the picture sleeve

↑ The other side of all the records above erroneously credit David Bowie as the artist instead of Giorgio Moroder (this one is the strange version with a large A on that side)

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↑ Promo Copies were stamped