Alabama Song


David Bowie Single Alabama Song Space oddity Bow 5 RCA records David Bowie seven inch Single record pink vinyl

Poster Sleeve (folded)

  DEMO; Matrix Scratched - BOW 5 - A - 1

  ISSUE; A Side

  ISSUE; A Side

Poster Sleeve (unfolded)

All these records came in black RCA sleeves that were then slipped inside the folded poster sleeves

Back of poster is blank →

  ISSUE; A Side

The version of Space Oddity on these records is a new (1979) recording and very different to the other Space Oddity  7” singles

  DEMO; ‘B’ Side

  ISSUE; B Side

  ISSUE; B Side

  ISSUE; B Side



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All these records have the same matrix numbers but they do have different suffix numbers.

The Demo’s are all A1A

The solid label is A1F and the pink vinyl is A2R

There are lots of the push out issues, known suffix’s are: A1AB, A1B, A1C, A1G (this version has a mis-pressed B side - plays a different artist)

A1J, A1M, A2B, A2H, & A2M

The pink vinyl record is not an official RCA release but was pressed in the RCA factory

These records are translucent and it is very hard to reproduce the colour