German Info


On these pages you will find the David Bowie 7” singles that were pressed in Germany.

Robert Fripp, Brian Eno and David Bowie in Hansa By The Wall Studio 2, Berlin in the summer of 1977.


There are White Label Promos of RCA releases up to and including Young Americans in addition there are standard issues that have ‘Trade Sample’ stickers like this;

There are also ‘Test Pressings’ of late ’70’s and ’80’s releases that came with these labels, the information about the records was sometimes hand written - the one on the left is ‘Wild Is The Wind’, the other is ‘1984’. These Test Pressing usually came in their Picture Sleeves.


Most pre-release copies came with Information Sheets that I show on their pages, the ‘Let’s Dance’ and ‘Dancing In The Street’ copies with the Info sheets also had a sticker attached to the sleeves, the ‘This Is Not America’ pre-release sleeve was date stamped.

There are also ‘Test Pressings’ of the EMI releases, these came in special sleeves and usually had the catalogue number stamped on the label’s A side (the one shown being ‘Blue Jean’)

This section is now complete, unless you have something else?