Knock On Wood


A 2014 limited edition 40th Anniversary picture disc

2014 EU Pic Disc - A Side

2014 EU Pic Disc - B Side

↑ Sticker on back of clear plastic sleeve

↑ Sticker on front of clear plastic sleeve

↑ Click for the 1983 UK Lifetimes


↑ Click for the 1974 original

UK release

↑ Click for the 1974 original US

single of “Rock ‘N’ Roll With Me”

Some copies came with this reproduction ticket , which came in a separate sealed polythene bag with sticker attached

(The original ticket was scanned for Parlophone records by Martyn Hammond from his extensive David Bowie ticket collection)

This Picture Disc comes in a clear plastic sleeve with a sticker folded over the opening to seal the cover.

This record is available worldwide.