USA & Canada (part 1)


On these pages you will find the David Bowie 7” records that were pressed in North America in the 1960’s & 70’s, there is a second section from 1980 onwards.

The US & Canada didn’t generally keep standard singles on catalogue, the singles that were kept on catalogue were the re-issues on the Gold Standard Series.

There are Promos of all USA releases. There are Promos from Canada starting with Rock ‘n’ Roll With Me (1974) to Sound And Vision (1977) on RCA and a few others on EMI

US RCA Pressing Plant Information

It’s worth checking the run-out grooves to see if it indicates what plant the record was manufactured by; A stamped or etched R denotes a pressing from Rockaway, NJ (closed early 1973; among the final pressings from there were 45's of David Bowie's "Space Oddity," RCA 74-0876), a stamped I denotes a pressing from Indianapolis, IN (they pressed 45's right up to 1987), and a H denotes a pressing from Hollywood, CA (closed 1976; their RCA pressings still used the ‘old’ orange labels while Indianapolis moved over to tan). It does appear that the Rockaway plant only pressed stock copies and not promos.

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David meets two RCA Canada executives after his concert in Toronto on the 26th February 1976, and is presented with gold records for his sales in Canada