Italian Info


On these pages you will find the David Bowie 7” singles that were made in Italy.

David Bowie performs at Lucca 15th July 2002

The RCA Juke Box records that I show on these pages come in a variety of sleeves, some David Bowie ones came in other artists picture sleeves with a large hole cut so you could see the labels, some David Bowie picture sleeves were also cut and used on the Juke Box records of other artists, like this one;

There is a special Young Americans Jukebox sleeve similar to the Heroes one, hoping to get scans soon.

Most (if not all) of the EMI releases can be found in sleeves that have a promotional stamp punched through the sleeve, there were no separate promo records apart from the Juke Box ones shown on the pages.

I still need a few of the different dated RCA picture sleeves, if you have any please email me.