Young Americans


1975 Picture Sleeve 1

1975 Picture Sleeve 1 (Back)

1975 PS Promo - A Side

1975 PS Promo - B Side

1975 PS Issue - A Side

1975 PS Issue - B Side

1975 Juke Box Issue

The other side of this record is ‘Shoorah Shoorah’ by Betty Wright

Juke Box Strip

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Some of these Juke Box records came in special sleeves, see below

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PS 1 dated 2/75

1975 Picture Sleeve 2

1975 Picture Sleeve 2 (Back)

Picture Sleeve 1

Picture Sleeve 2

PS 2 dated 3/75

There is at least one other pic sleeve - dated 4/75


Juke Box Sleeve - Dated 12/75


Promo’s and early issues came in

PS 1

I show the back of these picture sleeves enlarged at the bottom of this page.