The Prettiest Star


1970 Japan PS Issue - A Side

1970 Japan PS Issue - B Side

1970 Japan Picture Sleeve

1970 Japan Picture Sleeve (Back)

Like most Japanese sleeves this is a (printed sheet) insert as opposed to a sleeve

1970 Japan PS Promo - A Side

1970 Japan PS Promo - B Side

1970 Japan - Inner Bag Front

1970 Japan - Inner Bag Back



These Promos didn’t always come in the Philips inner bags, sometimes they just came in plain white sleeves

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The Prettiest Star single from Japan

Philips SFL - 1277 (M) 1970

Picture Sleeve Promo & Stock copies

Chas Pearson’s David Bowie 7” Discography

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1970 Japan Picture Sleeve

1970 Japan Picture Sleeve (Back)

Most of these sleeves have a small colour swatch and the word Purple in Japanese at the top of the sleeve

but some copies like this one don’t


The insert with the printers mark at the top

The printers mark with

the word purple in Japanese