Ragazzo Solo, Ragazza Sola


1970 Picture Sleeve

1970 Picture Sleeve (Back)

1970 PS Issue - A Side

1970 PS Issue - B Side

1970 Jukebox Promo - A Side

1970 Jukebox Promo - B Side

1970 Promo EP - A Side

1970 Promo EP - B Side

Phonogram in Italy pressed two promotional 4 track records, each track was a current A side by different artists, I only show the Bowie track side of each record

The Space Oddity Single used the same music (Click to see)

1970 PS Issue - A Side

1970 PS Issue - B Side

This record is not Space Oddity sung in Italian, it’s entirely a different song, Italian lyrics written by Mogol and sung in Italian by Bowie to the same music as Space Oddity, The title translates as Lonely Boy, Lonely Girl.

In 1970 Philips in Italy changed the colour of their labels, early copies came with the old black labels, later copies were on blue labels

DAVID BOWIE Ragazzo Solo, Ragazzo Sola Italy Philips 704 208 BW Italian Ragazzo Solo, Ragazzo Sola Phonogram 1012 ASC Phonogram 1013 ASC World 7” record discography Chas Pearson



This record has been counterfeited


Ragazzo Solo, Ragazza Sola was on the B side of this 1982 promo single

Ragazzo Solo, Ragazza Sola was on this 2016 ‘Bowie Is’ Exhibition Single