Day-In Day-Out


1987 Promo Picture Sleeve

1987 Promo Picture Sleeve (other side)

1987 PS Issue - A Side

1987 PS Issue - B Side

1987 Promo PS Test Pressing - A Side

1987 Promo PS Test Pressing - B Side

1987 Picture Sleeve

1987 Picture Sleeve (back)

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The Promo sleeves came with a folded A4 photocopied info sheet

This is the normal info sheet for Day-In Day-Out that came with standard picture sleeve pre-release copies.

Some of the Test Pressings came in this promo sleeve (which has a sticker attached to one side) with a photocopied info sheet (see below)

I’m really not sure about the authenticity of this sleeve and info sheet, but it is possible that these were given away at The Glass Spider press show in Munich (München) on 26th March 1987.

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