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1972 French - Picture Sleeve

1972 French - Picture Sleeve (Back)

1972 French - PS Issue B side

1972 French - PS Issue A side

Early copies play ‘Song for Bob Dylan’ on the ‘B’ side instead of ‘Andy Warhol’

The matrix for the early ‘B’ sides is:

APKM 5956 A1

copies that play Andy Warhol are:

APKM 5956 L2

Andy Warhol on these pressings is edited like the US pressings.

On some early copies the

L   on the back cover was on an attached sticker

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The Changes ‘Tag’ was on the back of the sleeve, whereas the Space Oddity tag was on the front


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This single had a ‘Tag’ too, but by 1972 the act of removing them had decreased a lot and by the end of ’72 tags were no longer

added to

French singles

L on a sticker


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