Bootleg/Counterfeit Records


I’ve had a lot of requests to include Bootleg & Counterfeit records in this Discography. I’m not going to do it. This site is about genuine releases of David Bowie records. It would be nice if somebody did a site about those records, but I don’t know enough about them or collect them in any great degree.

Like all collecting there are contentious items like;

‘UK Philips Picture Sleeve’  - I’m not convinced about it’s authenticity at all. (And yes I’ve heard all the stories that go with them!)

‘What’s It All About’ - these US religious records are genuine, I’ve added a bit about Bill Huie at the bottom of the What’s It All Aboutpage

‘Fashion//It’s No Game (Part 2)/Teenage Wildlife’ US Promo - This is a bootleg.

‘The Elephant Man Radio Ad’ - This is a bootleg.

I’ve Picked up a couple of 2012 Counterfeits recently;

US Space Oddity EP, as well as the Coloured Vinyl records in a poor copy of the sleeve, there is a black vinyl record in a card wrap round sleeve that is a good copy of the original.

US Starman, A good copy of the Indianapolis issue label again with a card wrap round sleeve, again a good copy of the original, however the record plays the wrong version of Starman, the LP version not the original US single edit.